The Effective Engineering Manager podcast provides proven solutions and best practices to software engineering managers of all levels that allow them to effectively manage teams to deliver results on time and with high quality.

This podcast is presented to you by Slava Imeshev and Adam Axelrod. Sharing our knowledge, we leverage 25+ years of our combined engineering management experience in getting stuff done.

We share practical recommendations on getting stuff done, project and program management, engineering processes and tools, managing horizontally and vertically, establishing and running effective software development lifecycle, effective meetings and time management, building and managing teams, people management, growing engineering and management careers, and more.

Please reach out to us if you have feedback or suggestions at contact@effectiveem.com.


Adam Axelrod is an experienced senior technical leader with a demonstrated history of implementing innovative software solutions for highly scalable systems utilizing his strong professional skills engineering management, Computer Network Operations, Java EE, AWS, AngularJS, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, and Agile (Scrum).

You are welcome to contact Adam at adam@effectiveem.com.

Slava Imeshev is a senior engineering leader with 15+ years of experience building and managing high performance distributed teams and 20+ years of software development experience. Slava has extensive experience building full-stack mobile and web applications, developing and deploying CI/CD infrastructures building, organizing and managing diverse, globally distributed teams. Slava’s track record includes cross-functional collaboration to deliver great customer experience, building products that make major difference in lives of customers, working in fast-paced, agile environments and driving parallel development and delivery of multiple products. Slava has strong focus on the customer success and thrives on learning new processes, technologies and tools.

You are welcome to contact Slava at slava@effectiveem.com.