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2021/08/18Building Managers: Leading From The Back, Leading From The FrontWe share what the role of the engineering leader means and how to approach leading …Building managers, Effective Engineering Manager2021-08-18 06:29:59
2021/07/21Building Managers: Not A PromotionOur guest speaker, Anand Safi, shares how transitioning a career from an engineer to an …Building managers, Effective Engineering Manager2021-07-21 20:57:23
2021/06/04Root Cause Analysis with 5 WhysWe share blameless Root Cause Analysis, or RCA, as one of the most powerful tools …Effective SDLC, Quality Management, Root Cause Analysis2021-06-04 17:29:31
2021/04/30Building Managers: The Right MotivationWe share the key reasons and motivators for pursuing a engineering leadership position. Before you …Building managers, Effective Engineering Manager2021-04-30 00:00:52
2021/04/14Performance Reviews: The Easy WayWe share a low-effort, highly effective approach to creating great performance reviews that we call …Effective Engineering Manager, Performance Management2021-04-14 04:05:48
2021/03/20Team Building: Know What You Need To Build A TeamWe continue our Team Building series and talk about knowing how to identify what you …Building Teams2021-03-20 05:34:44
2021/03/05Effective SDLC: Engineering ChecklistWe provide a do-or-die checklist for an effective SDLC that allows teams building software that …Effective Engineering Manager, Effective SDLC, Engineering Process, Software Development2021-03-05 19:55:37
2021/02/22Team Building: No All-Star TeamsWe provide guidance on how to understand and avoid building All-Star Teams. In the end …Building Teams, Effective Engineering Manager2021-02-22 04:08:11
2021/02/17Effective One-One-Ones: 1:1s with New BossWe provide practical guidance on avoiding risks associated with 1:1s with a new boss. This …Managing Up, One-on-One2021-02-17 02:48:04
2021/02/10Building Teams: The Kudos ProgramWe provide a practical guidance on how to build engaged teams by implementing a Kudos …Building Teams2021-02-10 01:48:17
2021/02/02Effective One-on-Ones: Structuring 1:1sThis podcast focuses on practical suggestions on structuring 1:1s. We recommend structuring your 1:1s as …One-on-One, People Management2021-02-02 22:19:39
2021/01/19Building Teams: Birthdays and LunchesWe provide recommendations on two powerful yet easy to implement approaches to maintain the human …Building Teams, Effective Engineering Manager2021-01-19 16:17:03
2021/01/12Effective One-on-Ones: Don’t Skip Your 1:1sAs many of our listeners discovered, the more 1:1s you miss, the longer will be …One-on-One, People Management2021-01-12 02:42:29
2020/12/25Effective Agile: Remote TeamsWe provide guidance on how to effectively manage remote teams in an Agile environment. In …Engineering Process, Team Management2020-12-25 00:50:00
2020/12/14Engineering Process: Gap AnalysisGap Analysis is an effective approach to identifying challenges in the areas of engineering processes, …Egineering Manager Tools, Engineering Process, Gap Analysis, Quality Management, Software Development2020-12-14 17:59:46
2020/12/02Effective Agile: StandupsDaily standups are one of the most important practices in Agile. We share our recommendations …Building Teams, Egineering Manager Tools, Engineering Process, Software Development2020-12-02 04:29:24
2020/11/24Engineering Process: Think-Plan-ExecuteThink-Plan-Execute is an effective technique for getting things done. In this podcast we discuss how …Egineering Manager Tools, Engineering Process, Project Management2020-11-24 20:33:00
2020/11/18Effective Agile: EstimationIn this podcast we continue in our podcast series on Effective Agile and discuss the …Engineering Process, Software Development2020-11-18 02:48:17
2020/11/11Developing Skills: Guided Self-StudyIn this podcast we share the practice of guided self-study, discuss how it helps busy …Career Development, Performance Management, Team Management2020-11-11 06:28:13
2020/11/03Effective Agile: Best PracticesIn this podcast, we start a four-part discussion on Agile teams. We share key best …Building Teams, Engineering Process, Team Management2020-11-03 04:41:56
2020/10/26Engineering Process: Effective Design ReviewsIn this podcast we share the practice of effective software design reviews, discuss why they …Engineering Process, Software Development2020-10-26 19:29:39
2020/10/17Practicing Observe and AbsorbIn this podcast we define the concept of “observe and absorb”, discuss why it is …Effective Engineering Manager, Managing Across, Managing Up2020-10-17 22:43:25
2020/10/12Effective Engineering MeetingsIn this podcast we define effective effective engineering meetings, discuss why they are important and …Effective Engineering Manager, Time Management2020-10-12 18:45:18
2020/10/06Effective Time ManagementIn this podcast we define the effective time management, discuss why it is important and …Time Management2020-10-06 01:15:00
2020/09/29Welcome to The Effective Engineering Manager PodcastIn this inaugural episode we share why we decided to start the Effective Engineering Manager …Effective Engineering Manager2020-09-29 01:41:00