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2024/06/05Maintaining Team Morale Through Tough TimesIn this episode, we talk about what causes tough times for companies and how being …Effective Engineering Manager, People Management, Retention, Team Management2024-06-05 21:06:00
2024/03/12Managing HyperperformersWe dedicate this episode to managing hyper performers. We define who the hyperperformers are, what …Building Teams, Career Development, One-on-One, People Management, Performance Management, Retention2024-03-12 05:25:18
2023/12/31Building Effective StrategyWe present the essential components of developing and communicating a strategy in engineering management, emphasize …Effective Strategy2023-12-31 03:12:44
2023/08/03Tim Wenzel: Building Exceptional TeamsWe are featuring a guest, Tim Wenzel, who is a Silicon Valley native, an expert …Building Teams, People Management2023-08-03 04:32:57
2023/06/27Cultivating TrustWe dive deep into the importance of trust in engineering management, and how it impacts …Building Teams2023-06-27 04:47:56
2023/05/18Effective Dependency ManagementWe share how to manage project dependencies in a way that brings results. We are …One-on-One, Project Management2023-05-18 18:46:00
2023/01/01Managing InnovationWe offer an effective way of introducing innovation to an engineering team and getting results …Effective Innovation2023-01-01 01:03:58
2022/11/06Managing Up: ComplainingWe are starting a series on managing up. In this episode we talk about how …Effective Engineering Manager, Managing Up2022-11-06 17:56:58
2022/09/21Effective Remote WorkIn this episode, Adam and Slava discuss the new normal of the remote workplace. We …Building Teams, Retention, Team Management2022-09-21 04:12:03
2022/07/29Escalating Work Issues EffectivelyWe offer an approach to escalating work issues that brings results without destroying relationships. We …Effective Engineering Manager, Egineering Manager Tools, Managing Across, Managing Up2022-07-29 04:31:38
2022/04/28Effective Goal SettingIt’s that time of year again for managers and directs to start planning goals and …Effective Engineering Manager, People Management, Performance Management2022-04-28 01:58:08
2022/02/14Getting Things Done: Taking Time OffWe share the effective way for taking time off. In the end we offer a …Effective Engineering Manager, Time Management2022-02-14 04:44:01
2022/01/14Getting Things Done: Staff MeetingsWe share what staff meetings are, why they are important for keeping your team accountable …Effective Engineering Manager, Effective SDLC, Egineering Manager Tools, Engineering Process, Project Management, Team Management, Time Management2022-01-14 04:01:32
2021/11/03Building Managers: Now That You Are A ManagerWrapping up the ‘becoming a manger series’ with guidance and steps on what new engineering …Building managers, Effective Engineering Manager, Managing Across, Managing Up, One-on-One2021-11-03 05:33:58
2021/10/26Building Managers: Implementing The PlanIn this episode we present a practical, step-by-step implementation guide for transitioning engineer’s career to …Building managers, Career Development, Effective Engineering Manager, One-on-One, People Management2021-10-26 00:38:31
2021/10/18Building Managers: Building a Success StrategyWe share how to build a success-oriented strategy by taking care of four management pillars, …Building managers, Career Development, Effective Engineering Manager, People Management2021-10-18 16:59:14
2021/08/18Building Managers: Leading From The Back, Leading From The FrontWe share what the role of the engineering leader means and how to approach leading …Building managers, Effective Engineering Manager2021-08-18 06:29:59
2021/07/21Building Managers: Not A PromotionOur guest speaker, Anand Safi, shares how transitioning a career from an engineer to an …Building managers, Effective Engineering Manager2021-07-21 20:57:23
2021/06/04Root Cause Analysis with 5 WhysWe share blameless Root Cause Analysis, or RCA, as one of the most powerful tools …Effective SDLC, Quality Management, Root Cause Analysis2021-06-04 17:29:31
2021/04/30Building Managers: The Right MotivationWe share the key reasons and motivators for pursuing a engineering leadership position. Before you …Building managers, Effective Engineering Manager2021-04-30 00:00:52
2021/04/14Performance Reviews: The Easy WayWe share a low-effort, highly effective approach to creating great performance reviews that we call …Effective Engineering Manager, Performance Management2021-04-14 04:05:48
2021/03/20Team Building: Know What You Need To Build A TeamWe continue our Team Building series and talk about knowing how to identify what you …Building Teams2021-03-20 05:34:44
2021/03/05Effective SDLC: Engineering ChecklistWe provide a do-or-die checklist for an effective SDLC that allows teams building software that …Effective Engineering Manager, Effective SDLC, Engineering Process, Software Development2021-03-05 19:55:37
2021/02/22Team Building: No All-Star TeamsWe provide guidance on how to understand and avoid building All-Star Teams. In the end …Building Teams, Effective Engineering Manager2021-02-22 04:08:11
2021/02/17Effective One-One-Ones: 1:1s with New BossWe provide practical guidance on avoiding risks associated with 1:1s with a new boss. This …Managing Up, One-on-One2021-02-17 02:48:04
2021/02/10Building Teams: The Kudos ProgramWe provide a practical guidance on how to build engaged teams by implementing a Kudos …Building Teams2021-02-10 01:48:17
2021/02/02Effective One-on-Ones: Structuring 1:1sThis podcast focuses on practical suggestions on structuring 1:1s. We recommend structuring your 1:1s as …One-on-One, People Management2021-02-02 22:19:39
2021/01/19Building Teams: Birthdays and LunchesWe provide recommendations on two powerful yet easy to implement approaches to maintain the human …Building Teams, Effective Engineering Manager2021-01-19 16:17:03
2021/01/12Effective One-on-Ones: Don’t Skip Your 1:1sAs many of our listeners discovered, the more 1:1s you miss, the longer will be …One-on-One, People Management2021-01-12 02:42:29
2020/12/25Effective Agile: Remote TeamsWe provide guidance on how to effectively manage remote teams in an Agile environment. In …Engineering Process, Team Management2020-12-25 00:50:00
2020/12/14Engineering Process: Gap AnalysisGap Analysis is an effective approach to identifying challenges in the areas of engineering processes, …Egineering Manager Tools, Engineering Process, Gap Analysis, Quality Management, Software Development2020-12-14 17:59:46
2020/12/02Effective Agile: StandupsDaily standups are one of the most important practices in Agile. We share our recommendations …Building Teams, Egineering Manager Tools, Engineering Process, Software Development2020-12-02 04:29:24
2020/11/24Engineering Process: Think-Plan-ExecuteThink-Plan-Execute is an effective technique for getting things done. In this podcast we discuss how …Egineering Manager Tools, Engineering Process, Project Management2020-11-24 20:33:00
2020/11/18Effective Agile: EstimationIn this podcast we continue in our podcast series on Effective Agile and discuss the …Engineering Process, Software Development2020-11-18 02:48:17
2020/11/11Developing Skills: Guided Self-StudyIn this podcast we share the practice of guided self-study, discuss how it helps busy …Career Development, Performance Management, Team Management2020-11-11 06:28:13
2020/11/03Effective Agile: Best PracticesIn this podcast, we start a four-part discussion on Agile teams. We share key best …Building Teams, Engineering Process, Team Management2020-11-03 04:41:56
2020/10/26Engineering Process: Effective Design ReviewsIn this podcast we share the practice of effective software design reviews, discuss why they …Engineering Process, Software Development2020-10-26 19:29:39
2020/10/17Practicing Observe and AbsorbIn this podcast we define the concept of “observe and absorb”, discuss why it is …Effective Engineering Manager, Managing Across, Managing Up2020-10-17 22:43:25
2020/10/12Effective Engineering MeetingsIn this podcast we define effective effective engineering meetings, discuss why they are important and …Effective Engineering Manager, Time Management2020-10-12 18:45:18
2020/10/06Effective Time ManagementIn this podcast we define the effective time management, discuss why it is important and …Time Management2020-10-06 01:15:00
2020/09/29Welcome to The Effective Engineering Manager PodcastIn this inaugural episode we share why we decided to start the Effective Engineering Manager …Effective Engineering Manager2020-09-29 01:41:00