Building Managers: Implementing The Plan

In this episode we present a practical, step-by-step implementation guide for transitioning engineer’s career to the engineering management track. These steps include:

  1. Confirm that the engineer has right motivation.
  2. Confirm with your boss and HR the feasibility of training a new manager.
  3. Tell them that you will announce their career transition to the team.
  4. Talk to the team on 1:1 basis and share the transition. Share why they will be a good fit.
  5. Share the same in the public forum such as staff meeting.
  6. Prepare and share the implementation plan with your direct.
  7. Drive your direct’s guided self-study for 8-9 months, see resources.
  8. Manage their practice for the remainder of the year.
  9. Officially complete transition with HR during company’s official promotion period.

You can find the resources for guided self-study, and post-transition, continuous management study materials here.

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