Managing Up

  • Managing Up: Complaining

    We are starting a series on managing up. In this episode we talk about how not to communicate work issues to your boss. We define what complaining is and why complaining is ineffective. We provide a checklist that our listeners can use to see if their upward communications are in the complaining territory.

  • Escalating Work Issues Effectively

    We offer an approach to escalating work issues that brings results without destroying relationships. We share what the escalations are, the impact of escalating unskillfully, and how to escalate professionally and effectively. In the end we provide a checklist that our listeners can use to escalate work issues effectively.

  • Building Managers: Now That You Are A Manager

    Wrapping up the ‘becoming a manger series’ with guidance and steps on what new engineering managers can do once their training completes and they are now officially a manager. Guidance includes: managing introductions and the first couple of weeks; planning your first 30-60-90 days; setting up foundational meetings like 1-on-1s; building key lateral relationships; creating space for the team to get to know you and your plan.

  • Effective One-One-Ones: 1:1s with New Boss

    We provide practical guidance on avoiding risks associated with 1:1s with a new boss. This continues the series on the Effective One-On-Ones. We also recommend checking out EEM episode "Practicing Observe and Absorb" that will help you to plan and implement a strategy for managing 1:1s with your new boss.

  • Practicing Observe and Absorb

    In this podcast we define the concept of 'observe and absorb', discuss why it is important and share practical recommendations to engineering managers on how to use this tool to unlock and build stronger working relationships. In the end, we share a checklist that engineering managers can use to start practicing "observe and absorb".